Best known for helping to expose corporate misconduct at 7-Eleven, Domino’s Pizza, and Retail Food Group, Franchise Redress maintains a meaningful presence within the franchise industry.

FR provides support, communication advice, and general business consulting to existing, former and prospective franchisees. Combining successful strategies with a formidable reputation, FR helps franchisees resolve issues and expose unethical behaviour where necessary.

Small, medium and large franchisors must understand the reality of the franchise industry to best protect themselves from common mistakes that will help improve the moral stand of their network. This is especially considering the franchise industry is in a state of reform. FR offers consulting services to franchisors and industry bodies who wish to take advantage of our wealth of industry knowledge accumulated through investigating corporate misconduct.

Operating on a national scale, FR also conducts detailed research and investigative work into the franchise industry and specific models. In some cases, where systemic issues are prolonged with many people impacted, FR will help expose such conduct in the public interest.

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