With Retail Food Group ($RFG) announcing their half year results soon, here are 5 questions you should ask them today.

  1. Per brand, how many outlets are currently trading in Australia? Globally?
  2. How many international Master Franchisee’s for Gloria Jean’s have ceased trading, or changed hands, in the last three years?
  3. How many corporate stores are Retail Food Group currently operating, and how many of these are for sale?
  4. Has Retail Food Group made loans to enable a person to establish themselves as an international Master Franchisee?
  5. Have Retail Food Group marketing funds contributed to the sponsorship of the of RFG-branded racing cars between 2008 and 2017, if so, how much and what brands?

Franchise Redress’ report The Zombie Brandchise Network.v2 goes into much greater detail offering insights, observations, and findings in relation to the questions above, and sheds light on many other aspects of Retail Food Group’s practices and operations.