Franchise Redress Media Statement

Franchise Redress was publicly affiliated with Bannister Law in their Retail Food Group (RFG) investigations into a potential class action on behalf of franchisees. On Monday they announced they will not be continuing these investigations based on the merits of the case.

On a number of occasions, RFG franchisees informed us they attempted to make contact with Bannister Law to pass on evidence that would assist investigations. These franchisees said they never received a response from Bannister Law.

Their experience is consistent with our own attempts to set meetings with Bannister Law to put them in front of key people who could provide crucial evidence, to which we received no response.

A number of franchisees have expressed concern that Bannister Law came to a conclusion without viewing much of the evidence.

Bannister Law engaged Franchise Redress at the outset to provide consulting services alongside their investigation into the potential class action but for reasons unknown to us, our communication was often not responded to despite our efforts.

Franchise Redress has begun exploring other options for the hundreds of franchisees impacted by the practices of Retail Food Group in the hopes that they can be compensated and begin rebuilding their lives.


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